An Ode to Our Junior Instructor Volunteers

At Community Sailing, we have 5 Full-time Instructors and 2 Shore Directors at each location. In addition, we have upwards of 30 volunteer junior instructors who assist us in all tasks we carry out throughout our day of summer camp programming. This team of 11-16 year old "JSITs" are not only experienced sailors but they've [...]

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Outreach In Action

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hosting a young group of leaders who work with the ELK program. Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) is a group that focuses their efforts on inner-city or at-risk youth to engage them in new experiences to expand their relationship with learning and stimulates young minds [...]

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Casino Royale Gala Recap

Wow... what an incredible evening! Folks from all over the metro area joined us to celebrate our 18th Annual Casino Royale Spirit of Sailing Gala on April 22. We explored a new venue, new theme and we think (well at least we heard that) everyone enjoyed it. The Denver Art Museum provided a beautiful atmosphere [...]

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“Tuesdays Sound Like Yellow…” and other fun recipes from the St. Petersburg, Valentine’s Day Regatta

  Want to know how to have a great regatta weekend? Simply follow this recipe: Recipe For a Great Regatta Weekend Ingredients: 5 ripe sailors 7 seasoned parents 1 very patient older sister 2 coaches 5 square boats 1 RIB 1 lb of pretzel “bities” 4 boxes of Gushers 5 delicious looking fruit cups* 2 lbs [...]

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It’s not what you know…

As we gear up to head to sunny St. Petersburg for our first Opti regatta of the season, I can’t help but laugh as I flashback to just two weeks ago, when this mountain felt like it might be impossible to climb: To myself: “We still need a coach boat. How is it possible that [...]

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2016 Race Season Wrap-Up

So there you have it. With the home stretch of the fall 2016 racing season upon us, this team of delightful sailors has not only endured immeasurable change over 6 months, but also done so with a great deal of grace and tenacity. Change Happens: At least at the surface it’s easy to see how [...]

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Summer Check In!

It’s week seven of sailing camps, which means Community Sailing is over halfway finished with our summer. We couldn’t have asked for a better year thus far. With a handful of changes that are helping shape our camps and race team we have nothing but a fabulous season to look back on and look forward [...]

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Spirit of Sailing “Bermuda Bound” Gala

What a party! Everyone was dressed up in island attire for CSC’s 17th Annual Spirit of Sailing “Bermuda Bound” Gala this past Saturday (April 23). The evening benefited Community Sailing of Colorado’s scholarship, adaptive and outreach sailing programs. We are excited to announce that we raised almost $65,000, which included $15,000 for our scholarship fund [...]

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Match Racing Clinic Recap w/ Steph Roble & Taylor Canfield

What do you get when you mix two professional sailors, a group of eager sailors and a small inland lake? This past weekend, at Cherry Creek Reservoir, Stephanie Roble and Taylor Canfield served up an unforgettable experience that elevated the skills and knowledge of our mile high racers. As soon as Stephanie agreed to speak [...]

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Meet the Quincy Ave Rhythm Band

"The Quincy Ave Rhythm Band has a groove and energy that is infectious! I had a great time working with them. You gotta check them out!" Jeff Coffin, saxophonist for the Dave Matthews Band When a group of young musicians share their love of music, the legends come back to life. Ranging from Dr. John to Earth Wind and Fire, Otis Redding to [...]

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