At Community Sailing, we have 5 Full-time Instructors and 2 Shore Directors at each location. In addition, we have upwards of 30 volunteer junior instructors who assist us in all tasks we carry out throughout our day of summer camp programming. This team of 11-16 year old “JSITs” are not only experienced sailors but they’ve also completed a week long leadership development program with us and have also committed to the safety of our camp by obtaining CPR/1st Aid certifications, Heads Up Concussion training through the CDC, and taken a grueling 7+ hour training on motor boat safety (even though they’re not yet permitted to drive our motorboats). They arrive early and stay late, they sail with campers who may be new or just nervous, they model new skills for us on the water, swim with your kids during capsize drills, they co-lead land drills and help keep campers engaged.

JSITs are budding leaders in our ever growing sailing community and they are the future of our program. So the next time you drop off or pick up your kiddo at our camp, take notice of the small village we’ve created of passionate young philanthropic volunteers who are committed to making this an amazing experience for your family. They work just as hard as our paid staff and often times contribute in more ways than they could ever realize.

As we hone our leadership development skills and continue to grow our dedicated group of junior instructors we continue to be incredibly humbled by the sheer hours and effort our JSITs continue to give is week after week. You all truly are amazing and we cannot thank you and your families enough for the continued support!