Adult and Evening Sailing Courses

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Adult and Family Beginner Sailing Class

Evenings | Boulder Reservoir

BOULDER ONLY. This once-weekly month-long is designed for adults OR whole families with young adults (ages 13+) who have no previous sailing experience. The class covers all the fundamentals of sailing through a hands-on approach. Students learn basic boat handling, rigging, terminology, and sail trim. Sign up solo, with a group of adult friends, or bring your family and join us for four 3-hour evening classes. A note for families: participants must be 13 years or older and include at least one adult per individual under 18.

For any adult interested in sailing at Cherry Creek Reservoir, Victoria Sailing School has a lot of options.

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Wind, Women, and Water Clinics

Women Only | Ages 18+ | Cherry Creek Reservoir

CHERRY CREEK RESERVOIR ONLY. Taught by women. Meant for women*. Come join us for an evening clinic, go for a sail with the instructor and a small group of other women, “learn the ropes” so to speak, and see what sailing is all about. Using a larger, more stable 24′ J/24 keelboat as the teaching vessel for this course makes for a perfect beginner platform. Be sure to come with an adventurous spirit and lots of questions. The content of each clinic will be catered to the interest of the group so every clinic will be different. *And by women we mean anyone who isn’t a guy. Outside of that everyone’s welcome 🙂

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