Corporate Team Building & Leadership Development

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Corporate Team Building

Fun Engagement for the Whole Team

Imagine the most authentic and exciting teamwork simulator that provides immediate feedback when your team is performing well together. We have EXACTLY that; It’s called a sailboat! Through escape room-style scaffolded challenges and clues, you and your crew will teach yourselves how to sail. Our onboard staff guide will maintain a safe and fun environment allowing the underlying team-based skills of your crew to naturally come to the surface. This process provides valuable and practical takeaways far beyond what you could ever get in a go-kart or on the golf course. Put your crew to the test, unlock a new level team building mastery, and have a ton of fun in the process. Let’s go sailing! 

  • Full and half-day options are available for teams of 10-25.
  • Pricing: $95 per person per hour (4 hour minimum)
  • 20% of the cost is tax-deductible as it directly supports our adaptive and scholarship programs
  • Inclusive to accommodate diverse physical abilities
  • Multiple locations: Boulder Reservoir and Cherry Creek Reservoir
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Leadership Development

A Full Sail Leadership Academy Program

We are proud partners with Full Sail Leadership Academy offering a one-of-a-kind Leadership Development program focused on hands-on learning with actionable outcomes. Catering to the interests and needs of your group, we design a hybrid plan that incorporates in-person classroom lessons which then carry’s over into your team’s sailing excursions. Get out on the water with us at Cherry Creek or Boulder Reservoir and put your acquired knowledge to the test. By harnessing your new learning and putting it to immediate use in real life you solidfy and begin to embody the foundational skills needed to take these lessons into the workplace. This experiential excursion brings to light aspects of your work environment in a new way that can be examined in a different context, which makes it safer and easier to discuss and ultimately change. In class workshops typically are held once a month for 4-6 months leading up to your 1-2 summer sailing excursions. Teams of up to 12 are ideal for optimized, in-depth, personal growth.