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Our mission is to “Make Sailing in Colorado Accessible to All. Teach Skills, Build Confidence, & Have Fun!”


Equity Statement: 

Social justice is our collective responsibility. Our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, ability, sexual orientation, language, and experience is the wind that fills our sails and drives us forward every day. Our mission is to “Make sailing in Colorado accessible to all. Teach skills, build confidence, and have fun!” This is why we aim to dismantle barriers in our sport and ensure equitable opportunities exist for everyone. This is not just a task to be completed but a process to be embodied that we are fully committed to. We strongly believe that equity, diversity and inclusion are essential to fulfilling our mission, growing our community, and creating a brighter future for the sport of sailing as a whole.



Cherry Creek Reservoir (just south of Denver) and Boulder Reservoir (just North of Boulder) are our two main locations where we teach a variety of programs.

  • Youth Summer Camps growing the next generation of future sailors.
  • Adult Classes and Clinics to provide an accessible entry-level introduction for anyone interested in learning more about sailing.
  • Community Partnership Program for youth-serving organizations, promoting equity and diversity.
  • Adaptive Program for individuals living with diverse abilities, promoting further inclusion in our sport.
  • Scholarship Program for individuals living with financial hardships, which now includes more people than ever before.

We take safety incredibly seriously. Our goal is to provide the safest experience possible for our participants, volunteers, and staff.

In 2020, we also earned the Excellence in Giving Transparency Certificate by submitting 175 strategy, leadership, financial, and impact data. Check out our profile.

Meet The Team
Cherry Creek Team

Boulder Team

CSC Board of Directors

Community Sailing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. If you are interested in learning more about our board or looking to contact them, please email

Current Board Members (updated 10/1/2023)

Board Chair & Interim Treasurer | Brandon Kass

Board Secretary | Laura Wojtalik

Board Member | Mike Reifer

Board Member | Yaga Richter

Board Member | Erik Pigmans

Board Member | Topher Downham

Board Member | Dr. Alan Aboaf

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