Code of Conduct: The following rules will help ensure a safe, rewarding, and cheerful learning environment. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times while on CSC property, with staff or parent volunteers and while representing CSC at away events. Students will show respect for their peers, instructors, and other individuals. Students are expected to cooperate and follow directions at all times:

  • No obscene language, rough-housing or throwing of objects.
  • Life Jackets and helmets will be worn at all times whenever a student is on the docks or in a boat.
  • Boundaries must be observed, both on the water and on shore, as established by the instructors.
  • There is no running on the docks.
  • Students will pick up their own trash and are expected to keep their belongings neat and orderly.
  • At the end of class, students are expected to leave equipment shipshape and must report any damaged or missing equipment.
  • Students must be picked up promptly. We would ask the parent to contact the coach if he/she knows they may be late.
  • CSC cannot be responsible for lost or stolen personal items. Please leave items of value at home.


Discipline Policy:

First Occurrence: When a problem surfaces the first action is to be taken by the instructor.

  • The student will be spoken to and made aware of the problem. Positive reinforcement will be part of the attempt to solve the problem.
  • The student will have to spend a few minutes in time out. On land, the time out area may be determined by the instructor. On the water or onshore at the time out area will be determined by the instructor.
  • Program Director will have a conversation with the parent if he/she decides it is necessary to improve the situation. We believe it is important for everyone to be in the loop.

Second Occurrence: If the problem isn’t resolved the Program Director will be notified by the instructor.

  • The Program Director will speak to the student involved.
  • The student will be asked to speak about the problem and give their view of occurrence.
  • The student will be asked to suggest what they think is a good solution to the problem.
  • The parents will be updated by the Program Director. Fair and consequential actions will result.

Third Occurrence: The student(s) will be asked to stay home if the safety self or others is compromised.

  • Any further significant problems will be reviewed by the Program Director & Parent and the student may be asked to leave CSC for the remainder of the session. A full written report will be submitted from this meeting and kept on file.

If your question or concern is not extremely time sensitive the best way to reach us if by email at:


If you have a specific question that needs to be answered immediately please call us at:



Direct Emails

Brandon Kass: brandon.kass@www.communitysailing.org

Melissa Gorchynsky: melissa@www.communitysailing.org

Isabel Regine: isabel@www.communitysailing.org

Our location inside the Cherry Creek Reservoir is  located inside The Marina grounds (4800 S. Dayton, Greenwood Village, CO 80111). If you are on I-225 N, take exit 2 for Tamarac St/DTC Blvd. and turn right onto DTC Blvd. Turn left onto E. Union Ave and follow that until you reach S. Dayton St. on your right. After you turn right onto S. Dayton St, you will immediately see an entrance to West Gate of the Cherry Creek State Park on your left. You can follow this road until you see signs for The Marina on your left. Follow the signs to get to the Lake House and find parking near the marina. From here, where we meet will it will depend on what program you are attending:


For all Junior Sailing Classes and Summer Camps:

Just beyond the Lake House to the left, you’ll see a chain link fence with a gate in it. Go through the gate down to the lower boat lot where our Sailing Center is located at the far end. Camps and classes meet under one of the tents by the waterfront.

From downtown Boulder, head east on Arapahoe Avenue, turn north on Foothills Parkway, west on Jay Road, and north on 51st Street, turn east and head to the entrance of Reservoir Road.  From the Front Gate, drive toward “Hobie Haven” look for CSC’s white tent and boat racks with your sailing gear. 5565 51st St, Boulder, CO 80301.   Map

Sunscreen, Water, Lunch, Hat, Sunglasses, Change of Clothes, Towel, Closed-Toe Sandal/Water Shoe, any medication the student might need and a FUN Attitude ready to learn and go sailing!

Our instructors are all US Sailing Certified Instructors who have completed training from US Sailing, and have certifications in CPR and First Aid. They’re all excellent sailors and great teachers. Your child’s coach probably learned to sail in an Opti, too! Instructor biographies will be posted soon. We also have several counselors in training who are under 18 assisting with our classes.

You’ll have lots of opportunities to watch your child sail. Please keep in mind that parents on the beach and docks can be a big distraction for new sailors (they’ll watch you instead of paying attention to class!). For safety reasons it’s very important for new sailors to focus entirely on their coach and the instruction. Especially in the beginning, it’s usually best to wait until the class is on the water to watch. If you’d like to watch your child’s class, speak with your child’s coach so that you can make arrangements that won’t interfere with the coach’s plans that day.

No…your State Park and Boulder Entrance Fees are included in your registration costs. Community Sailing pays the State Park and Boulder Reservoir entrance every time you are entering the park for your child’s camp. Please tell the gate attendant that you are entering for a class with Community Sailing of Colorado. Inside Cherry Creek State Park you can park in front of The Cherry Creek Yacht Club building and camps meet under the deck of the Yacht Club building. At the Boulder Reservoir, you will find us on the south side of the reservoir near the boat ramps.  Look for a big tent and CSC flags.

Yes…we will try and sail every day during camp but know the weather sometimes doesn’t cooperate. Please plan on attending camp everyday during your scheduled week regardless of a little rain, unless you are contacted by our staff. Rain doesn’t scare sailors

We use a 8:1 instructor to student ratio and most of our camps are 5:1 ratios. This is to ensure safety and provide a great learning environment for every child. Safety is always paramount and if you have any concerns or questions please contact us. We always appreciate your feedback or input.


NO CANCELLATION FEES!  Cancel up to a week before the start of camp, and we will give you 100% of your purchase price as credit for any future CSC program through the end of next summer.

To cancel your registration: Email admin@communitysailing.org your full name, participant’s full name, camp that you are registered for and the camp dates. You will receive an email confirmation once your credit has been processed.

Usage Fee

For all camps and classes, an $11 fee per registration is charged to cover program facility, land use, and entrance fees related to the reservoirs we access.

If you are unable to find the answers you’re looking for in the FAQs section please visit our registration platform for details about class dates and times.  For any other information that is not on our website please feel free to contact us directly and we will answer any further questions you may have.

In a typical day of camp for the Cherry Creek Reservoir Program we will meet behind the Cherry Creek Marina & Yacht Club. For our Boulder Reservoir Program, we will meet under the white tent near Hobie Haven (half way between Main Office and Boat House)There are tables set up for us underneath a deck which provides some nice shade from the sometimes warm summer days. After all the campers have arrived we will do a quick chat about the coming day, the anticipated weather conditions and let the campers know what they can expect. One of the first things our sailors do is pick out their life jackets, they will be wearing these all week, anytime they are near the water.

If it is the first day of class the students will learn about the boats and water safety, then they will get to rig up a boat with the help of instructors and volunteers. After the boats are rigged they will meet with instructors again to go over the plan for practice time and then everyone heads out onto the water. Most campers will be paired up when they are a beginner as it is easier to work in teams at first. Around lunch time we bring all the classes together to enjoy a social lunch and practice a few onshore skills before heading back out sailing for the afternoon.

Each class runs a little different depending on skill level and conditions. Please speak with your instructor about any questions you may have.

Safety is a core value of Community Sailing of Colorado. We take great pride in offering sailing camps and classes that are safe and fun. To ensure we that we offer the most fulfilling and safe experience to each participant, we review our practices, policies and operation seasonally to ensure that our Safety Plan and Emergency Action Plan include the best practices for children, adults and individuals with disabilities. .

Please feel free to provide us with any feedback or concerns regarding the safety of our operation. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that each participant, volunteer and staff member are safe during a CSC program.

Have a Question? Please don’t hesitate to ask.

Community Sailing of Colorado is here to help.

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